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Comments from Members

Thank you to the gentleman in the KNI bakkie who noticed that two of our car windows had been left open and alerted us to this fact at 3.45am on 1 July- despite our property being fully enclosed and we have electric fencing.

Anne and Barrie Kin

I must thank all the CNI guys for their hard work during the year. We have been part of KNI for 2 years and we always had great service from KNI.

Braam Compion

Whenever I phone for anything, the staff are always accommodating and they are very quick to respond.
It honestly gives one ‘peace of mind’ to know that assistance is only a ‘panic button’ or phone call away.

I sleep very well at night, knowing that there are response vehicles patrolling the neighbourhood.

Carol van Wyk

I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with the service you provide.

The guys in the patrol cars are always friendly and polite and if you are stood outside your house or jogging around the streets they always smile and wave.

The new on foot security guards also are very friendly and wave and chat when they pass by.

The customer service levels of the telephone operators are always very good and they are polite friendly and professional. A combination hard to come by
in this country !!!!!

The response time is always prompt and professional and the cars will often arrive at the same time as the phone call. AND they don’t make you feel bad when you tell them it’s a false alarm for the 3 rd time that week !!!!

Coming from the UK 3 years ago we find that although there are so many good qualities about this amazing country. Customer service levels is not one of them. But feel that CNI offers a real professional community benefit that is a pleasure to pay for and would equal that of any in Europe.

Please pass this message onto your team.

Caroline Conroy

We appreciate the work you are all doing and assure you of our support, Thank you Again.


A very big THANK YOU to all your staff for their wonderful support at the Fairmont Festival this year. Brent (I think I have the name right) a KNI Armed Response Officer, was great during the day with a few visits and assisting with the money transfer into the school at the end of the day while everyone was streaming past the pay booth. Also to the 2 new patrol officers that assisted with the rowdy crowd that would not disperse at the end of the carnival outside the main gate. It was great to have the amazingly quick response.

Will definitely be calling on your support again next year and maybe even suggest you put up a stall for free to market to these that are not yet members in the area. Really don’t know why they don’t join up as the service is fantastic!

Thanks again.

Barry Pearce
Fairmont High School
(Fairmont Festival)

Fairmont High School

I’d just like to say a big thank you to CNI for stepping up patrols while we were away for a couple of weeks recently. We had a housesitter, who inadvertently triggered the alarm once or twice. Realising that this was the case, CNI of their own volition stepped up patrols and kept an eye on the house while we were away. That is really fantastic service!

Thank you.


I’ve just had a little ‘incident’ where someone tried to get into the house earlier. Luckily it wasn’t a serious attempt and the guy was drunk or high, but it still gave me a fright.

Obviously when it was happening, I didn’t know how serious it was, just that he had tried the front door, which alerted me, and then tried to get in through the window but I had burglar bars.

I immediately phoned the CNI number and Doreen was very quick in sending out the response guys and contacting the police. The guys here within about 3 minutes and got the guy. The police arrived soon after that, and it’s great to see the close working relationship between CNI and the police.

Gaydrey Brown

Just wanted to let you know that I needed to call out the KNI patrol at midnight last night after hearing noises on my roof. I also called Halt. The service from the control room was very professional and quick, and the van was here within minutes and at least 5 minutes before Halt alarms arrived. The KNI officer climbed over my fence and spent some time in the back garden making absolutely sure that everything was ok. He then also sat in the road for a short while to further ensure that all was ok. He also chatted to the Halt guys (two cars arrived), and between them they made quite sure that I felt safe before they left.

The KNI officer was very understanding and sympathetic and I felt very reassured having him there. I certainly slept easier knowing they were around! I am assuming that it might just have been cats on the roof but being on my own I wasn’t going to take chances in the middle of the night!

Very impressive! Well done.

Irene Du Toit

I already want to compliment you on the good service received. We went away for the long weekend and received a call from KNI, informing me that my front gate was open. I was able to immediately arrange with one of the key holders of my house to close the gate. I was very impressed.


Mrs Collins would like to say thank you to the armed patrol officer who helped when her husband fell.
Mrs Collins phoned the control room when her husband fell, the CNI control room sent Bester to help, when he saw Mr Collins he recommended not to move him and call an ambulance. Mr Collins needs a hip operation. Mrs Collins is gratefull for all the help and says if she tried to pick him up there would have been much more damage. Well done Quality Force!!! We are proud of you.


Was coming home last night at 19h54 and spotted a un-kosher looking car with un-kosher looking people sitting at the roadside in the Durbell area. Phoned the control room and our vehicle was there withing 2 min. I got a call back from the control room 3 min later to tell me that the people had been asked to vacate the area. Most impressive.

Ken Hill

I just wanted to thank you and the team once more for the efficient and friendly service you always offer us, and for keeping us safe in our homes. It makes such a difference to our lives knowing that your team is constantly patrolling the streets and at the other end of the telephone should we need you! Thank you so much.

Kind regards.


Peter and I also felt that last night went off well, the boards are super, hats off to you, for pulling all stops out to have them there, they made a great impression.
The community spirit seems to have been revived, well done.

Linda and Peter Zilch

I had a call from our alarm company this morning that our alarm was going off. I returned home and felt a bit nervous when I noticed one of our internal doors was closed. I went down to the 7-11, got the KNI number and asked for somebody to accompany me into my home. Danie was there is 2 minutes. Luckily it was a false alarm as the door stopper had probably been moved by my toddler without me seeing (and I was too nervous to realise) and the alarm could have gone off for a number of reasons. Danie was friendly and I felt a whole lot safer having him go through the house with me.

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the service.

Lindsay – Soshanna Rd

Thank you very much for the effort you are putting into this initiative.

Lourens Campher

Thank you for getting this up and running…

Lynda Lorimer

Just a short note to thank you guys for what you have started in our area. The community really need, trust and rely on people like yourselves.
Thank you for the safety information that’s been coming our way and I am sure it is a start to something great.

Marius Fourie

I would like to commend everyone on an incredibly inspiring effort. Every time I go to the website for updates I am impressed as to the professional approach to this initiative.

I am thankful and relieved that this is a reality in our area. Now let’s get all people in our neighborhoods subscribed.

Please let me know how I can help as I would love to…..!!!!!

Mathilda Fourie

Thanks to Carl, Janet, Linda and all those (including the kids) that were involved in arranging the Dancing Queen fundraiser last night. I took clients that live in Kenridge and managed to illustrate to them what we are doing in the neighborhood. As a result of this, they will be signing up.
Well done.

Michael Dash

We have found KNI to be brilliant and so quick to respond. We are very very happy with their service.

Nikki Jensen

Thanks one again for all your effort – stunning job.

Pea Blaauw

I would just like to compliment your Patrolman who came to assist me with an incident where I could not get a person to leave my property.
He handled the situation calmly and professionally…and stayed with me until the matter was resolved.
Thank you to him and KNI.

Peter van Vuuren

I want to thank CNI for their prompt response yesterday afternoon.

A burglar entered our yard, while my wife was home alone with our children. She activated the panic alarm and was called within moments. The response unit took 2-3minutes to get to our place and manage to catch him. Thereafter they walked with her through our house to make her feel comfortable.

We’ve only been with CNI since Monday, and definitely did not hope to test you so soon. Thank you again for making us feel safer. It was an excellent job and you’ve managed to turn a very bad situation into an overall good experience (under the circumstance).

Regards pfitzgerald@truworths.co.za


Please forward a big THANK YOU to all the KNI committee members for their efforts to create a safer neighbourhood for us all. We appreciate all the hard work that’s been out into this initiative and we really hope it will be a huge success!

Rocco Joubert

I would like to take the opportunity to thank KNI/CNI for assisting in the arrest of the three suspects who broke into our home in Soshanna Road on Tuesday . A Special thank you to Warren and the team for not leaving our premises until we got home. They were extremely helpful . Once again thank you.


Just to say thanks so much for all the hard work.
We so appreciate your initialising this forum and trust it to grow from strength to strength until WE GET OUR LAND BACK!! AND MAKE IT SAFE.

The Carr Family

Just a quick note to say thank you for all the initiatives and hard work that is going into improving security in our neighbourhood!

The De Conings

Went to the meeting tonite, and wanted to say WOW…..it went off so well, VERY WELL ORGANISED and professional, right down to the posters and tea, helpers and microphone! You can all be proud, and you will succeed if you carry on in the same manner…we need people with passion, and thanks for all the time I know you have all put in, physically and mentally…

Tina Shilling

Dear Carl/Janet & Linda,
Thank you for organising the fantastic fun evening at the Barnyard last night.
All of our group remarked that it was a fabulous evening.
What a great pleasure to support KNI and have fun at the same time. It’s also great than we can get to know one another in our community.
Thanks guys, you are doing a great job.

Tony & Pam Cowell

I received an email from a friend in Paarl outlining the Domestic Cell phone incident. This had been sent to him from someone in Fishoek advising people to check KNI web at www.kenridge.co.za. Looks like we have made an impact elsewhere!

Hope those non contributors will take heed of this and start to contribute! We are making an impact that will make a difference to the safety and eradication of crime in our neighbourhood!

Tony Cowell

I want to complement you on the change to the new Control Room. I have reconnected my radio system to the new Control and having nothing but praise for the people manning it. I found the response and attentiveness to detail a vast improvement on the previous system.
It gives one a lot more confidence in knowing that our alarms will have an immediate and decisive response.

Tony Cowell



Thanks for the wonderful job you are doing!!

Walda Bok