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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the aim of the Initiative?

To provide armed street patrols, drive crime out of our area and to prevent house break-ins.

What is the cost?

KNI is a voluntary organisation and there is no cost for providing patrol services. Our community has however indicated that they would prefer to have patrols provided by an external security company. For this reason we have developed a voluntary contribution scheme with the contribution for a basic package of six to twelve patrols a day past your house and throughout the neighbourhood being R255 per month per household.

As an optional extra we are offering to collect funds on behalf of our members for alarm monitoring and armed response at a cost of R130 per month. This is not a voluntary contribution as it is an ancillary service offered to members.

What happens to my existing armed response contract?

Your existing armed response contract will continue. The armed patrol is in addition to your armed response and will assist if required; they will not however take over from your armed response.

What is the difference between Armed Response and Armed Patrols?

Armed response is reactive and the service provider responds to alarms from your house. Armed patrols is a high visibility service where guards patrol our streets and prevent crime from happening in the first place.

What areas will this initiative cover?

Kenridge, Kenridge Heights, Kenever, De Bron, Durbell, Durbanville Hills and Doordekraal

How do I become more involved?

There are a number of ways in which you can help keep our neighbourhood safe:

  1. Send an email to hello@kenridge.co.za and find out how you can become a voluntary patroller
  2. Join a committee
  3. E-mail Info@Kenridge.co.za to obtain more information
  4. Become involved in fund raisers
  5. Get your neighbours to sign up