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The Kenridge Neighbourhood Initiative (KNI) was established in 2008 as a voluntary association with a legally binding CONSTITUTION. The main objective of the KNI is to create a community where we all feel safe and secure by providing PROACTIVE patrol officers dedicated to patrolling our area and providing the community with a dedicated control room where they can report suspicious or criminal activity.

KNI has partnered with CNI  – a PSIRA registered company with more than 25 years experience in the security industry – to provide the patrol, control room and alarm installation services.

CNI Response Officers respond to KNI member calls in less than 5 minutes. Call us on 0861 564565 to benefit from proactive patrols, rapid response and alarm monitoring for only R385 per month.

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The Kenridge Neighbourhood Initiative has been set up as a voluntary association with a legally binding CONSTITUTION. The committees are offering their services on a voluntary basis and have no financial interest in the funds of this initiative.
The advisory committee has researched the various options available to the community and the estimated budget for providing the entire area with armed patrols is R190,000 per month. In addition to this, we will need to employ the services of a dedicated administrator and staff to man the control room. This will bring the required budget to just over R250,000 per month.

In order to achieve the required budget we have estimated the required voluntary contribution for patrols at R255 per member per month and have added the optional service of alarm monitoring and response at an additional R130 per month.

The Advisory Committee has set up a bank account in the name of Kenridge Neighbourhood Initiative at Standard Bank, Tyger Manor. The branch code is 050410 and the account number is 060750987. Should you require further details, please contact our Business Banker – Nicolette Boor on 086 0101 341.

We promise that:

  1. We will supply at least two patrol vehicles dedicated to the Kenridge area.
  2. The Kenridge area will be divided into different zones and once enough members participate within a specific area, that specific zone will receive a dedicated patrol vehicle.
  3. Each and every street in an area with a dedicated vehicle will be patrolled by a patrol officer 6 times per 12 hour shift.
  4. As an optional extra, we will arrange for the monitoring of a member’s alarm systems and react to any alarm activations within seconds.
  5. When a member notices a suspicious person or vehicle and feels unsafe, a patrol officer will respond and escort the resident into their home.
  6. A 24 hour control room will be provided with a direct line to the controller for the members of the Kenridge Neighbourhood Initiative. This telephone number can be used for all emergencies (i.e. SAPS, Medical and Fire).
  7. The controller monitors the Response vehicles on live tracking and will be able to dispatch the closest vehicle to the incident. The controller will also be able to make the correct decisive action to the problem which the member experiences.
  8. Collectively we and the appointed security company will create a safe and secure environment for all residents of Kenridge.
  9. The dedicated patrol vehicle will be branded with the the Kenridge Neighbourhood Initiative logo.
  10. Live satellite tracking of the vehicle will take place and members of the Advisory committee will be able to monitor the vehicle.
  11. Tracking reports will be given to the committee on request and these reports will indicate the patrolling and standby activity of the vehicles.
  12. Patrol officers will be equipped with all the necessary equipment to perform their duties to the fullest extent.
  13. All suspicious sightings can be phoned into the control room and once confirmed by the patrol officer, these sightings will be relayed via SMS to the members.
  14. Management of the appointed security company will attend the meetings held to assist with the necessary security advice and to improve security in the Kenridge area.
  15. Security Boards will be put up in strategic places to firstly warn the criminal element of the presence of dedicated patrol vehicles and secondly to let the residents of Kenridge know that they are being protected and that their security and safety is our primary concern.