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Dear resident,

You all know the Velodrome & Athletics Stadium situated in Carl Cronje St., Tygervalley, Bellville and the 10 years of uncertainty after a tender was awarded for the Galleria Development!

The City of Cape Town Council decided to call for public participation regarding the use, control, and management of the Velodrome & Athletic Stadium and the sale of a portion of Erf 40819 – including the air rights. This will give every resident, sports club and school an opportunity to be part of the decision-making process, specifically for the future of the Velodrome and Athletics Stadium.

During 2009 a tender was awarded to sell a portion of Erf 40819 (open land next to the Velodrome and Bellville Athletics Stadium). This tender included the upgrading and improvement of the Velodrome and Athletics Stadium, as follows:

  • Improvement of the usage patterns associated with the existing facilities
  • Improve accessibility and movement options.
  • Completion/improvement of the Velodrome facility
  • Ensuring the necessary critical “mass” to ensure a sustainable development of the facility (new & existing)
  • Secure a long-term improvement and usage of the existing facilities to the benefit of the broader community.
  • The long-term lease of the Bellville Athletics Club, through the Sports Federation, should be honoured.

The developer will be entitled to use the property for purposes of managing and operating it for his own account.

After 10 years, no development has taken place and no plans for development have been put forward. All sports clubs, schools and event organisers struggled to expand and grow their sports activities and schools could not organise athletic events because these facilities were not available to them in the long-term. During the last 10 years, the City did not have the means to maintain these facilities.

The Property Department recommends the following and your input to the Council should be based on these recommendations:

(i) The reasons for the proposal to grant long-term rights to use, control or manage the relevant capital asset;
Through cross-directorate communication and decision-making, it has been confirmed that the Bellville Velodrome and Athletics stadium are underutilised and under-resourced capital assets and will not be required for the provision of basic municipal services during the period for which the right is granted.

(ii) Any expected benefits to the municipality that may result from the granting of the rights;
The City will be catalysing under-utilised property for economic growth and higher-intensity use.

(iii) Any expected proceeds to be received by the Municipality from the granting of the rights;
As a result of granting the rights, the City will receive proceeds in the form of annual open market rental for Portions B and C based on an annual turnover percentage of 5% or 2% if a loss was derived.

(iv) Any expected gain or loss that will be realised or incurred by the Municipality arising from the granting of the rights; and
There will be no loss to the City in the granting of the rights. The expected benefits and gains are discussed in ii) and iii) above. The Bellville Velodrome and Athletics stadium will be retained by the City after the rights have expired.

(v) Sale of the immovable property

There will be a PUBLIC MEETING on Thursday 25 July 2019 at 19:00 in the Velodrome.
We urge all residents, sports clubs, schools, etc. to attend this meeting to get answers on all your questions before you comment on this very important matter.

Andrea Crous
Ward Councillor
061 0283383

Why is Velodrome and Bellville Athletics Stadium important to you as a resident?
The City of Cape Town does not have the funds to maintain the Velodrome and Bellville Athletics Stadium. As a result, it was sold to a developer who purchased the Velodrome and Bellville Athletics Stadium with the intent of upgrading the facilities for sporting events. The developer did not pay the required deposit in time in order to close the sale. This developer is wanting to change the terms and conditions of the agreement and instead of upgrading the area for sporting facilities, they are now proposing to demolish the current facilities and build high density housing / hotels / shops.

This would essentially leave the surrounding areas without a community sports and recreation facility and will lead to an increase in traffic in the area.

We would like to urge you to attend if you can and spread the word to friends and neighbours to attend the meeting.