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There has been a lot of activity on the public open space between Mildred and Hillside Roads and we wanted to share an update.

We have asked the community to come up with ideas on how we can best utilise these areas for the benefit of the community in the hope that this will give us more leverage when we raise objections to any plans that we feel will not benefit the community.  Two end results of this strategy were the development of the “Duck Pond Park” and the creation of the doggie park which received great support from the community.

This leads us on to the Mildred / Hillside open space…

Over the past 6 months, we have noticed members of the community digging ditches and creating ramps on a few of our public open spaces.  This has been done in an ad hoc fashion and has, on some occasions, caused safety issues for people walking or cycling in these areas.

A proposal to identify a single public open space for this activity was tabled recently and over 50 members from the community have indicated support for the controlled development of a mountain bike and radio controlled car facility.  Based on this proposal and support, we have initiated discussions with the City to accept our plans for this community based initiative.  The City may well deny our application but these 50 members have decided that they will not be deterred and are ensuring that the voluntary work that they are doing is done in a controlled manner with safety being their primary concern.

There has been a flurry of activity over the past 2 weeks and it has been absolutely amazing to see the community coming together and pitching in to make this happen.    The plan is to get the foundation done as quickly as possible so that there is minimum disruption to adjacent houses over time.

In summary, there is overwhelming support from the community to utilise this open space for mountain bikes whilst making sure that it is still pedestrian friendly.  There has also been support to allow radio controlled cars to use the facility but quite a few objections have also been raised on this.  Proposals on whether to allow radio controlled cars or not are being discussed and will be relayed in future communications.  The community members involved with this are trying to ensure that the disruption is kept to a minimum by pushing for high activity in the beginning and low activity once the initial foundation is complete.  In addition to this, they are focussing on safety and benefit to the community.

The Long-term goal of the area is to create a MTB learning environment

That caters for all children all adults where families can pushed their family members who are using wheelchairs or pram’s around the track while another member can ride their bikes

The proposed park being affected, and the intended tracks, are highlighted in the maps below:

Comments that we have received from the community are listed below:

  • Thanks so much for this. Our kids are huge fans of the ramps. I was wondering if you guys are planning any gardening around it? I would love to help with that if there is interest. I have tiny lavender plants growing at the moment, and a big pack of Namakwaland flower seed.
  • Great project during lockdown. Will help out where I can
  • Wrt the radio controlled cars. The battery powered ones hardly make a noise, however the fuel driven cars are very noisy. To managed the noise, we have to see that only battery driven cars are allowed.
  • Sometimes we as adults forget that many moons ago we were also kids, playing in open spaces with the neighbourhood kids, free from stress and worries and TV’s and we were HAPPY! But life has it’s way of sometimes taking that away from people and the only thing that is left inside of them is anger and they do not see any good in anything because they only see themselves. Thank You for all the effort you put in to change this neighbourhood in a place where our kids can play with the neighbourhood kids and enjoy the life that was given to them, to play and be stress free… especially in 2020! I said to my husband yesterday.. I am not only glad to stay in Kenridge but also PROUD! We are a community that change the negative into positive for the next generation!Thank You Quentin and all involved!! My son is happier than ever to stay in Kenridge!! Wonderfull people!!
  • [name omitted]and [name omitted]have battery operated cars:They last for 20min and there is BARELY a sound.The kids are communicating,doing problem solving,riding.To me that already cover a few school subjects
  • Our sons like to fish.Currently there is only Door de Kraal available to them.It is NOT save there.Unfortunately (some) people litter.And some people are worried about the birdlife.I get that.But where does that leave our kids who prefer to be outdoors and not infront of a computer/TV.I also like to do things right.I do not like motor- or quadbikes in green zone – and we have seen that…..when you buy one of those,you KNOW there is allocated places to use them.Soja,signs might become necessary somewhere in the future…
  • Hi guys. I came through to have a look at the great work you guus are doing. With all the traffic, i do think getting a bin up there asap would be wise. We will be back, and i am looking at using what you guys are doing to duplicate a similar system in our neighborhood. Keep up the awesome work!
  • I read an article about a retired policeman in Heidelberg, Gauteng who also tried to make a vegetable garden on his pavement outside his house. Of course it was vandalized, so he decided to make a designated area where they ‘thieves’ could pick the vegetables guilt free. The pickers then starting monitoring each other so that they don’t ruin the soil and not leave some vegetables for other people. It was a project that turned out successfully for everyone.
  • The Hillside open space has never struggled with vagrants, but I would like to make it clear that many many people walk in this park with and without dogs, linking through to the area around the tennis courts and the duck ponds and the thought of being subjected to the noise of radio controlled toys is not appealing at all. Walking here is for peace and quiet and the view. The MTB track is manageable if it stays in one area as again it is not possible to walk through there when they are cycling. It is sweet to see all the little kids playing there and possibly it should be restricted to an area for smaller kids as majik forest is available for older kids and adults.
  • Thank you for the mail and update & I must say that I was not one of the 50 who indicated support but I fully support the initiatives being rolled out.
  • I really appreciate it because I am not always at my home in Kenridge. My daughter is still living there and she is very excited about the park. 
  • I am in favour of a “small” mountain bike course for kids which I think would be nice for them to enjoy in a safe environment but with a time limit. My concern is that bigger kids and adults are making use of this environment and are increasingly make larger ramps and this I noted is becoming a safety concern for the smaller kids. I’ve witness numerous incidents where some kids fall and won’t be surprise if some will end up with severe injuries. There are a course in Upper Kenridge area which could be utilised for more advanced drivers/adults. On the course for radio operated cars I’m totally against it, and I believe two neighbours also raised their concerns. These cars cause a tremendous noise and disturbance. I personally moved to Kenridge for the beautiful surroundings and tranquil nature. This would definitely be the opposite. Working long hours I enjoy coming home and to go walk in the park and revive my “soul”, these radio operated cars will just destroy that for me and many. There are structured places in Cape Town where these cars can operate with no restrictions and these members that buy these devices should be aware of this prior to buying these gadgets. I noted that you mentioned that 50 community members are involve in this process, I would like to know where they stay and will it affect there surrounding environments . I strongly feel that the residents staying directly opposite these spaces should have a input on proposed plans as it’s there “quality” of life that will be affected on a daily basis. I’m strongly in favour to utilise these open spaces but NOT to the discomfort of others. Alternate ideas should be considered and I personally like the idea of a walking “park” or another duck pond etc.
  • With regards to our conversation on Saturday the 25th of July, Thanks for confirming that none of the work being carried out on the Mildred field is sanctioned and no one has officially been given permission by the City to carry out any form of “MTB track” building at this site. I am going to ask you to please instruct [name omitted] to stop building immediately until this has all been sorted out and due diligence has been followed. Please let me know when this has been done. I was shocked to discover a digger on the field on Saturday with trucks of sand being dumped on the field. The track is unsightly and is directly across from where the front entrance to our home is going to be. This weekend, with the unsanctioned start of the track building, there has been a massive increase in noise coming from the field. In addition, many vehicles have been driving around on the field and parking where they please, no social distancing, no masks being worn and most concerning, no one in charge, as evidenced by the Lamborghini driving recklessly around the field taking children for drives… I understand that you have 54 members of the community supporting this, but I am almost certain that they do not live directly next to the track. If there really is a plan for the City to make use of the field, there are other community projects we can consider, ones that could actually involve the whole community, not just the kids with bikes. There is already an extensive track in Durbanville Hills called Gum Trails as well as the well-known MTB course down in Protea Valley, both less than a 10 minute cycle away from the Mildred Field. In closing, Please do not consider Facebook or WhatsApp as official channels of communication when making decisions like this as many members of the community get left out of the loop.
  •  Morning all!Loved seeing the enthusiasm at tracks yesterday!👏Just please remember MASKS🙏🏻.Warning on 94.4 news re school holidays and kids playing.Gov. would prefer kids indoors🥺.So lets try and stay on the right side to prevent negative attention.Kids will be kids and it takes a village.Have a great day!🌸

  • Our friend (use to live in Tulbagh Rd) who lives in Welgemoed now,came to walk his dogs and look at the MTB tracks. [name ommitted] said he was n bit ‘jealous’ because it is so awesome!Whoop whoop!!!!• From talking to many neigbours, one shared concern they have (I am sure all of us as well) is the influx of bad elements.  This would then typically include littering, music (bue tooth speakers/cars), use of alcohol and general loitering.  All users are obviously reponsible, but we also need to ensure others are responsible.  The litter left behind is increasing, which is a problem.  Thank you so much to those cleaning up afterwards, but all of us have to address this and remind the person who dropped litter to please pick up and take it home.  Have fun out there 🚴

  • You guys are putting a lot of smiles and many children’s faces. Projects likes this keeps us all saner. Well done and thank you. May this project be blessed with council approval and in many other ways.

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