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There is a great possibility that the Bellville Velodrome and Athletics Stadium may no longer be an iconic part of the Bellville vista. The Bellville Velodrome is the last remaining velodrome in Cape Town and can be used throughout the year for training.

On Thursday the 25th July at 7pm, there will be a public participation process (PPP – a public participation process is a legislative requirement) regarding the Velodrome and Athletics Stadium and this is your opportunity to have your say and try to save the Velodrome.

Why is it important for you to attend on the 25th July?

If no major objections are received from the public and residents in the public participation process on the 25th July regarding the control and management of the city’s assets, the Velodrome can be sold.

The city intends granting the long-term rights to use, control and/or manage the city-owned property of the Bellville Velodrome and Stadium for an initial period of 30 years, with two renewal options of an additional 15 years each. The Kenridge Hills Ratepayers Association said: “The city does not have the funds to maintain the Velodrome and Bellville Athletics Stadium. As a result, it was sold to a developer who purchased it with the intent of upgrading the facilities for sporting events. This developer is now wanting to change the terms and conditions of the original agreement and is these changes could potentially lead to the Velodrome being replaced with high-density housing, hotels and shops. This would essentially leave the surrounding areas without a community sport and recreation facility and will lead to an increase in traffic.”

The Bellville Velodrome is one of only a couple of Cape Town’s indoor arenas and seats up to 6000 people. The Velodrome is one of the largest arenas and can hold large exhibitions, live concerts and sporting events. It also boasts a 250metre concrete cycling track that surrounds the arena.

The Bellville Velodrome is less than 20 minutes away from the Cape Town International Airport and only 25 minutes away from Cape Town itself which makes convenient for national and international visitors.

The Velodrome was once a hive of activity (such as exciting events and popular concerts for all ages) and often used by various sports for training purposes and matches. Remember the 2010 Soccer World Cup, the Velodrome was the place to congregate and watch the matches.

The Velodrome has a restaurant, bar and toilet facilities and ample safe parking so you can come to relax and enjoy yourselves.

Does the area need more high-rise housing, shopping centers etc?

Everywhere you go in the Northern Suburbs you are confronted with shopping centers and business parks. Don’t we not already have enough of these facilities in the area?

If the Bellville Velodrome and Athletics Stadium is demolished where will our children be able to go to participate in athletic events?

Due to the lack of maintenance by the city of the Velodrome and Athletics Stadium parents are having to drive their children as far as Paarl a couple of times a week to practice their chosen sporting events. Why should you as a resident have to drive all over Cape Town when we have the grounds and facilities on our doorstep!!!!!!!

We call on the public to PLEASE attend this meeting and show strength in numbers for this critical meeting. It is said to be the last one, before a final decision on the proposed “closing” in return for more retail / commercial development will be made. You have the power to make a difference, so please share the date and details among your friends and neighbours, and let’s turn up in masses.