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Our Mission

The goal of this initiative is to make Kenridge and the surrounding areas safe again.  I remember the days when I could leave my doors unlocked and my kids could walk to their neighbours without fear of attack (sadly, this was only 6 years ago).

Robberies and attacks are escalating and our community has had enough!

Our mission is to implement a various security measures to ensure that we and our possessions are safe.  To do this, we need the support of ALL people who live in our area.  We have borrowed the plan instituted by the Vredekloof Security Council and intend to implement a similar plan.

The outline of this plan is as follows:

Get the majority of residents supporting this initiative DONE

  • Our first priority is to get pledges so that we know what our budget is and how many people are willing to be involved in making our community safe.
  • Our second priority is set up an advisory committee and sub-committees for each area.  We have a large area to cover and are effectively setting up 5 neighbourhood watches at once.
  • Once we have the framework in place we will be asking all pledges to commit to a specific monthly amount and will run this through a non-profit organisation that is controlled by the advisory committee.

Get 24 hour Armed PATROL vehicles dedicated to our area – 3 Vehicles already patrolling.  

  • The advisory committee will negotiate contracts with armed PATROL companies.  Please note that this is armed PATROL and not armed RESPONSE.  Armed PATROL is a preventative measure and armed RESPONSE is a reactive measure.  The armed PATROL cars will obviously react to any crime in the area but their main purpose is to PREVENT crime in the first place.  Existing armed response contracts that residents have will not be changed unless specifically requested by the residents. The initial goal is to get armed PATROL vehicles patrolling each street in our area 4 to 6 times per day. The number of times that your street is patrolled per day is directly linked to the number of residents within that area who are contributing to the initiative so get your neighbours to sign their direct debit forms now!

  • Our initial goal is to get at least 2 vehicles patrolling our area and increasing this to 4.  We estimate that running a vehicle with 3 people on 8 hour shifts will cost R30,000 per month so our target is 1190 households contributing an average of R140 per month.

Establish a 24 hour manned control room – 24 hour manned control room outsourced to CNI and operational

  • Kenridge Primary School has kindly offered us the use of their premises to establish a control room.  This control room will be manned 24 hours a day and will act as a central point of contact for all residents, all armed response companies and the police.

  • It is our intention to have camera feeds from access areas and hot spots (see below) feeding directly into this control room.  This will deter potential thieves from entering our area and will also help the police in catching offenders.

Camera monitoring of access areas and hot spots

  • Cameras need to be installed at all the main access points feeding into and out of our area.  This will help us to stop crime before it happens.

  • Cameras will also be installed in areas where businesses offices are operating.  These are potential hot spots for our area because the buildings are left vacant at night which means that criminals will be more likely to target these areas and also use these areas to hide from our patrols.

Private radio communications

  • This will be a value added feature where we will apply for a bulk license on the VHF band. A special rate will also be negotiated with one of the many two way radio vendors for hardware.

  • The radio system will comprise of two channel portable units (slightly bigger than a cell phone), channel 1 would be for neighbour to neighbour use and channel 2 will be to call up the control room.

Private radio communications

  • Once we have 80% – 90% of the residents contributing to this initiative we can start making sure that the Municipality delivers the services that we think are necessary such as additional street lighting, speed bumps, park maintenance etc.  As a collective voice we have the power to change the way our area is maintained.